Critical Roles & Responsibilities of Project Management At Multitex

Is about safely managing all aspects related to the execution of a project to ensure PROJECT EXECUTION & DELIVERY to a customer “consistent to committed quality, within the contractual time period and to approved cost” by our PROJECT MANAGER. In short, we holds “single-point responsibility” for all aspects related to the safe execution of a […]

Knockout Drum: Working, Functions, Sizing, and Design

What is a Knockout Drum (KOD)? A knockout Drum (KOD) is a part of the flare header system and is used to remove liquids and oil from flare gases. A flare system is a compulsory addition to petroleum and natural gas refineries to ensure gaseous wastes are safely removed from the processing setup. Instead of […]

Gas Sweetening Units: Safety and efficiency

What Is Gas Sweetening? Gas sweetening is a normal process that converts raw natural gas extracted from the ground into a usable form that can be stored and transported easily. Gas sweetening units are employed to convert sour gas extracted from the ground into sweet gas that is safe and stable for distribution. What are […]

What is a Slug and why do we need Slug Catchers?

What is a slug? Slug is a bulk quantity of either liquid or gas that flows through a pipeline, causing problems in the handling capacity of the production unit. Slug catcher are traditionally used in all plants to identify and eliminate slugs. Most pipelines in petroleum and refinery industries handle both liquid and gas inflows. […]

Oil And Gas Filtration: The Ultimate Guide

Introduction An oil and gas filtration system is one of the basic setups in any production unit. These are used to remove different kinds of impurities, starting from oil lubrication, fuel gas, gas feeds, and fuel oil inlets. Contaminants are very normal in such oil and gas inputs. However, apart from bringing down the quality […]

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Shell and tube heat exchangers – what are these, and how do they work? Shell and tube heat exchangers are equipment used in transferring energy from a liquid in one shell to liquids, solids, or gases present in another shell.  These function very similarly to regular heat exchangers. The idea behind these exchangers is simple. […]

Oil Coalescing Filters: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is an Oil Coalescing Filter? A coalescing filter is a component used in large industries, oil and gas plants, and chemical plants to separate homogenous and heterogeneous substances and mixtures. Oil coalescing filters are filters that help remove impurities and contaminants like liquid oil and aerosols from compressed air used in processing units. Many […]

Backwash Filters: The Ultimate Automatic Backwash Filters

What Are Backwashing Filters and How Do They Work? Backwashing is the process of filtering and purifying water, by forcing it back through the filter medium. This process allows the filtering media to be cleaned, maintained, and reused for a longer time. Automatic Backwash Filters are the most popular types of these filters used in […]

Coalescer Filter Separator: The Ultimate Guide Part II

Coalescer Filter Separator is a two-stage, vertical separation vessel designed to separate liquid that exists in the form of a fine mist or fog, as well as solid particles, from a gas or vapor. This framework works in two phases to eliminate the dust from the air, gas, or steam lines- the coalescer and separation/detachment […]

A Detailed Guide on Coalescer Filter Separator

A coalescer filter separator is a mechanical equipment used in the oil and gas processing industries and petrochemical industries to perform coalescence. Combination or coalescence is a way of causing an agglomeration (meeting up) of fluid vaporizers to form bigger droplets that are sufficiently depleted away gravitationally. A coalescer filter separator works in reverse to an emulsifier which makes emulsions.  A coalescer […]

The humble heater treater packs a big punch!

Introduction Crude oil is a naturally occurring petroleum product, made of hydrocarbon deposits and organic materials. It is a fossil fuel that is a yellowish-black liquid that needs to go through various stages of refinery and processing before it becomes useful end-products such as petrol, diesel, and other forms of petrochemicals. The formation fluid that […]

Fuel gas conditioning skid-Everything you need to know

Fuel gas conditioning skid is a highly prioritized technology that generally pre-treats the natural gases and other ignitable gasses before infusing them into a basic cycle or a gas turbine generator. The main work that skid performs is treating natural gas into useable gases.  There are also two other functions it does – eliminate every […]

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