EPC Division – Engineering, Procurement, & Construction

EPC Division

Having achieved successful product performance for engineered solutions, Multitex entered and ventured into the EPC solutions sphere with in-house knowledge and single-point responsibility. As part of its offering strategic partnerships with licensors continue to be built to offer better single-point solutions to the end-users with maximum in-house capabilities.
Multitex work involves Engineering, Procurement, and Fabrication of modules for onshore and offshore projects. We adopt a skid-based Modular engineering approach to ensure engineering and project completion on a tight schedule and as per quality standards. Shop fabrication skids and pipe spools for site erection/installation are dispatched from our workshops to minimize site work and save construction time and optimize the schedule. Our project management team controls all activities of engineering procurement, manufacturing/ fabrication till installation, and commissioning. Site Construction is normally managed by our associates/partners. Our team of experts assists the Client/ Consultant’s team at the site during pre-commissioning and commissioning. We are associated with the project till PGTR and successful handover to the owner.
We execute Gas Processing Units and Oil and Gas Production Facilities right from Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication till installation and successful commissioning, Performance Guarantee Tests, and handover to the owner. Along with local partners we offer as part of an integrated development approach offer flow lines and pipeline construction for degassing stations and gas gathering stations.
Multitex EPC solutions looks forward to servicing the oil & gas industry with a suitable selection of technology, allowing for a much-needed reduction in capital expenditures (CAPEX) and a significant reduction in operational footprint for both Greenfield projects and existing facilities seeking Brownfield de-bottlenecking opportunities. Our comprehensive range of solutions is ideal when it comes to Gas Processing Solutions from Wells to Power Plant Or Crude Oil Separation Facilities Or Reducing and Fiscal Metering Stations for Cross Country Pipelines.

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