Problem Statement

Secondary Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids critical for final FAT of the complete Prime Mover in the Sapura yard was timely delivered to the spec meeting all Operational Safety requirements and duly certified Hazoped package. The offshore packages need to have a low footprint and weight with a balanced Centre of Gravity which was considered while designing the Skid Modules and Equipment. Integrated efforts with EPC, PMC, and End-user were completed from the design stage till the successful supply till the port onboard to the ship. We look forward to the commissioning of this package soon. Special efforts made by the company during the pandemic period not only in its own works but also with other partners to integrate the package and meet the agreed schedule of the project.

KG-DWN 98/2- Station Location and Challenges

The KG-DWN 98/2 block is located within 25-40 km of the nearest landfall and is adjacent to RIL’s KG-D6 field and GSPC’s Deendayal field. The water depth in this block varies between 300 meters and 3,200 meters.

The KG-DWN-98/2 Central Processing Platform (CPP) is envisaged as shallow water fixed platform (< 30m) proximal to the existing ONGC fields. The CPP will process well fluid from Cluster 2B Gas fields (R1 and A1) and Cluster 1 Oil (GS-29-6, GS-29-7, and GS-29-10) received through infield subsea pipelines. Process and most utility facilities required will be housed on the CPP, which will be bridge connected to a separate LQUP.

CPP comprises the below systems

Central Processing Platform Upper Deck Layout

Multitex Solutions

The scope of activities for Multitex was as given below –SECONDARY FUEL GAS CONDITIONING SKID PACKAGES ALONG WITH THYRISTER CONTROL PANEL & FINAL STRAINER and all control and automation packages were certified for Hazardous Area Classification – Zone 2.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Item Description
  1. Shutdown Valve at Package Inlet (1 * 100%)
  2. Pressure Control Valve (1 * 100%)
  3. Fuel Gas Inlet Scrubber (1 * 100%)
  4. Fuel Gas Filter Coalescer (2 * 100%)
  5. Fuel Gas Super Heater (1 * 100%)
  6. Thyristor Control Panel for each Super-Heater (1 * 100%) Blow down Value (1 * 100%)

Environmental Data

Engineering Capabilities

Control Strategy

  • Fuel gas inlet scrubber is provided with continuous drainer to drain out the condensate formed due to pressure reduction caused by PCV. LT is provided on the scrubber to indicate an alarm for liquid level high and liquid level low. Scrubbed fuel gas then enters the filter coalesce vessel where the small particles coalesce and forms larger particles and settle down and is removed from the equipment through a continuous drainer. The elements (Multitex Make) are capable of removing the liquid particle 1-micron and above.
  • The cleaned gas is transferred to a fuel gas superheater where it is super-heated to 27 degrees Celsius above gas dew point temperature or 55 degrees Celsius, whichever is a higher Thyristor control panel (located in a safe area) is provided to control the superheater. PID loop testing for the thyristor control was verified and FAT demonstrated.
  • Following interface are there from TCP to client’s DCS / ESD system & vice versa.
    1. Superheater running.
    2. Common Fail alarm.
    3. Remote on/off signal from UCP
    4. The shut-down signal from UCP
    5. Remote OFF on TCP
    6. Differential temp. inlet/outlet
    7. Auto /off/start
    8. Heater element Temperature high shutdown
    9. Heater flange temp. high shutdown Auto / Off / Start hand switch

    SFGCS PDMS Model – 3D View (Video completed by Multitex)

    SFGCS Integrated on CPP Upper Deck

    The above design included clash check verifications and structural design as per the accelerations defined on the project for offshore platforms and transportation of the packages. Spreader Beams provided certification to lift the package safely and reliably at all stages of loading and unloading.

    Multitex Team

    Clients Testimonials

    • M/s Multitex has showcased principled and quality workmanship for the design, manufacturing, and supply of the packages ordered on them. The support imparted by the complete team of Multitex in sorting out the different issues, faced during the project execution, is really commendable and very much appreciated.
    • Multitex has a good team with sound knowledge of project execution.
    • Overall, the experience of working with Multitex has been extremely good.
    Manager, Project (Oil & Gas)

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