Project Details

End User Domain – Aviation Fuel Farm Facility

Supplier – Multitex Filtration Engineers Limited

Items – Filter Water Separator & Micro Filter

Total Equipment Quantity – 24 No.s

Task Statement

The package required micro filters qualified to EI-1590 and filter water separators qualified to EI-1581 to qualify for international aircrafts fueling.

In one of the systems, the Flow rate was 4842 GPM qualified to EI-1581 but with single output line against maximum flow per vessel as 2500 GPM as EI-1581 qualification guidelines.

The scope of activities included;

    • Process Design
    • Engineering
    • Procurement
    • Manufacturing
    • Structure
    • Project Management
    • Installation at Site

Multitex Solutions & Activities

The task was accomplished by the Multitex by organizing parallel units and equal flow rate distribution with single combined lines of instruments control.

Multitex provided Filter Water Separator & Micro Filter.

Micro Filter

  • Used as a pre-filtering stage to remove solid particulate matter from fuel and enhancing the filter water separator throughput. The pre-filter qualified to EI-1590 used in feed stage at the fuel receiving lines.

Filter Water Separator

    • Used to remove water and solid contaminants from hydrocarbon fluids through preferential wetting phenomenon.
    • Works on two stage separation (Coalescing of fine water drops to bigger and separating by gravity and hydrophobic phenomena).
    • After pre-filtration, EI -1581 qualified filter water separator was provided in fuel receiving lines.
    • EI -1581 qualified filter water separator was provided in fuel delivery lines to hydrant.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Items Description

  1. Micro Filter (6 No.s)
  2. Filter Water Separator (18 No.s)

Client Testimonials

To the best of our knowledge the above quantity delivered successfully within the time frame. The certificate of delivery completion is issued without prejudice to the vendor’s responsibility & Obligation under the contract.

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